Buying or selling a property is one of the most significant transactions most people will ever make. That’s why it’s essential to work with a skilled real estate attorney who can help protect your interests and guide you through the legal process. 

Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding real estate attorneys that can lead people to make poor decisions or avoid hiring an attorney altogether. Allow the experts at Mason & Mason in New York to debunk four common myths about real estate attorneys and explain why working with a reputable law firm is so crucial.

Myth #1: Real Estate Attorneys Are Only Necessary For Complicated Transactions

Many people assume that they only need a real estate attorney if they’re buying or selling a particularly complex property. However, this isn’t true. Even seemingly straightforward transactions and closings can have legal complications that an attorney can help you navigate. 

If there are outstanding liens on the property or if the title is unclear, an attorney can help you resolve real estate law issues before you finalize the transaction. By working with a real estate attorney from the beginning, you can ensure that you’re protected and that the transaction proceeds smoothly.

Myth #2: Real Estate Attorneys Are Too Expensive

Another common misconception is that hiring a real estate attorney is prohibitively expensive. The cost of an attorney is relatively small compared to the potential costs of legal issues that can arise from a real estate transaction. 

By hiring a skilled attorney like those at Mason & Mason, you’ll ensure that your interests are protected throughout the process, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Additionally, many real estate attorneys offer flexible fee arrangements, such as flat fees or contingency fees, which can help make their services more affordable for clients.

Myth #3: Real Estate Agents Can Handle All The Legal Aspects Of A Transaction

While it’s true that real estate agents can help with many aspects of buying or selling a property, they are not attorneys and are not qualified to provide legal advice. Real estate attorneys have specialized training and experience in real estate law and have multiple practice areas, giving them a unique understanding of the legal issues that can arise during a transaction.

By working with both a real estate agent and an attorney, you can ensure that all aspects of your transaction are handled properly and that your interests are protected.

Myth #4: Real Estate Attorneys Only Represent Buyers

Some people believe that real estate attorneys only represent buyers and that sellers don’t need an attorney. However, this is not the case. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from working with a skilled attorney. An attorney can review contracts and agreements, ensure that all legal requirements are met, and protect your interests throughout the transaction.

By hiring an attorney from a reputable law firm like Mason & Mason, you can ensure that your interests are protected, regardless of whether you’re buying or selling a property.

At Mason & Mason, we pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in real estate law. Our team of skilled attorneys can help you navigate the legal aspects of your transaction, ensuring that your interests are protected at every step of the way. We offer flexible fee arrangements and personalized service to our clients, making it easy to get the legal help you need, no matter your budget or circumstances.

If you’re buying or selling a property in New York, don’t overlook the importance of working with a skilled real estate attorney. Contact Mason & Mason today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your interests and achieve your real estate goals.