Flexible Appointments

Our vision at Mason and Mason, PLLC, is to make a meaningful positive impact in our firm, our communities, and society more broadly and establish ourselves as one of the market leaders of transactional legal services.

Our flexible appointment services allow our clients to easily book their appointment with one of our experienced consultants and attorneys according to their own convenience and preferred schedule. With our flexible scheduling option, we integrate your existing schedule and set an appointment based solely on your availability.

Flexible Appointments

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MASON and MASON, PLLC has an action-oriented loan scheduling team that works with your staff to ensure that loans


William Mason is a co-founding partner of MASON and MASON, PLLC. He is a 1989 graduate of St. John’s University

Business Law

MASON and MASON, PLLC understands our business clients need us to see the big picture. That’s why our firm provides cost-effective

Our Work Process

At Mason and Mason, PLLC, our commitment to offering highly-tailored legal services to our clients enables us to outstand our rivals and support us in delivering the best legal experience for our clients, retaining the best attorneys and lawyers, and driving innovative legal practices.

Our flexible appointment option enables our clients to book a consultation with our legal attorneys and lawyers beforehand so they can avoid the hassles of long waiting and busy phone lines. Moreover, all our appointment booking and consultation services are offered online, so your issue doesn’t get buried or misplaced in the haystack of a lawyer’s files.