Landlord-Tenant And Leasing

Mason & Mason, PLLC maintains one of the New York area’s pre-eminent landlord/tenant practices, representing business and individual landlords and tenants in connection with both small and large apartment complexes, commercial properties, condominium associations, and co-op boards.  We handle all aspects of landlord-tenant eviction proceedings, post-eviction proceedings, and appellate court proceedings based on nonpayment of rent and holdovers after a tenancy is terminated.

Our firm regularly counsels property managers on how to avoid legal pitfalls that result in extended stays by problem tenants and those withholding rent.  We also advise tenants on various issues as they relate to the eviction process and maintenance issues.

We offer valuable experience in preparing and negotiating residential leases and commercial shopping center, retail, office, and ground leases for landlords and tenants.

To set up an appointment to discuss a landlord/tenant or leasing issue, please contact:

Michael V. Mason, Esq. at 516-683-1133 
E-Mail: [email protected]

20 YearsExperience In Various Cases

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